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MailJam for hospitaility

Managed Email Marketing Solutions for Hospitality Establishments

Whip out The Mailjam Entrepreneur

Who knew managing campaigns could be as fun as a food fight? Just remember to wear your apron; things might get a little messy in the excitement!

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The Main Course - Dine on Monthly Insights

Feast on Fresh Trends with Our Newsletter!

The most important course, served sometimes with a side of sarcasm. “What did the newsletter say to the spam filter? ‘Not today, muffin!'”

Highlight mouth-watering tips, events and trends your clients will get from our monthly newsletter that’s more satisfying than grandma’s cooking.

Like Grandma’s best cooking this will be delivered in your familar packaging.

Serve a generous portion of FOMO (fear of missing out) with a Call To Action.

Syndicated Newsletter
R1500.00 R650.00/mo
  • Monthly Copy
  • Syndicated Copy
  • Personal paragraph
  • Other Options
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Hold it all together with the best appliance.

Think what Grandma would have done for a Kenwood Chef

Mailjam Entrepreneur. MailJam has supercharged ZOHO to create an enhanced  magical kitchen gadget that’s about to make your baking – I mean, marketing – a piece of cake!

  • Set It and Forget It: Like a trusty oven timer, set up your email recipes once, and this clever gizmo will make sure they’re baked to perfection.

  • Tidy Pantry, Happy Life: Keep your ingredients – ahem, email lists – as organized as a spice rack with nifty list management.

  • Peek in the Oven: With the analytics dashboard, you can spy on your baking goodies like a kid with their nose pressed against the oven glass, watching for the exact moment they’re ready.

  • Fancy Frosting: Jazz up your emails with customizable templates that are more tempting than a triple-layer chocolate cake.

  • Taste Test: Not sure if your cookies should have nuts or not? A/B testing lets you try out different flavors to see what tickles your subscribers’ taste buds.

Best Deal
R6400 R3420.00/yr
  • 1000 Contacts
  • Best value
  • Advanced Automations
  • Billed Annually
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Entice The Taste Buds

The magic happens because of the secret ingredients. Bringing people into your list is the secret to success.

Besides loading every new booking we have additional temptations for your guests.

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The Comfort Dish - Serving Up Coziness

🛌 Wrap Your Guests in Comfort with Our Exclusive Guest Manual!

Welcome guests with our food-for-thought Guest Manual, making guests feel at home before they even sign up.

Offer secret Netflix recipes, wifi codes, restaurant times and menu’s. Show the guest how to use the remote controls. make it as easy as mixing a cake. Enhance your guests comfort.

Activate your guests not with yeast but a QR Code strategically placed in their unit.

PowerSuite Guest manual
R2300.00 R1850
  • MailJam Integration
  • Once Off Fee
  • 1 Manual, many rooms
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The Review Refresher - Cheers to Great Reviews!

🌟 Raise Your Ratings Overnight with StayPulse!

A joke a day keeps the bad reviews away—insert witty one-liners about the magical powers of our StayPulse automation.

Share a decadent dessert recipe, aka testimonial, of a client who’s now living la dolce vita, thanks to our full suite of products.

Give guests a sip of the good stuff; a case study about a hotel now sparkling with 5-star reviews.

Add a zesty CTA:

R650 R450
  • Setup Included
  • Once off fee
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QR Code to download guides
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The Appetizer - Get a Taste of Success!

🍽️ Whet Your Appetite for Success with Our Restaurant Guide!

Start by teasing the taste buds of success with a free  East London Restaurant and Pub Guide.

Tickle their funny bone with jokes about pub grub while highlighting how the guide can make them the toast of the town.

Entice with a CTA that’s cheesier than a double-stuffed crust: 

EL Restaurant Guide
R2300.00 R1350.00
  • MailJam Integration
  • Once Off Fee
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